Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stella Stats

It's been a while since I've posted but that's because we've had a lot going on in the DiEduardo household over the past few weeks.  After my last post Stella got "the bug" - not sure what it was but she tested negative for the flu, however, she had all the symptoms of it - nausea, vomiting, high fever, etc.  So they treated it as if she had it.  It was so pitiful to see her so sick but thankfully she recovered pretty quickly and was back to her normal, chipper self w/in a few days.  Then, if that wasn't enough, I had one of my largest fundraisers at work so I was super busy w/ that and by the time I got home from work the last thing I wanted to do was blog.

Now that all of that is behind us, I've got a lot on my mind that I need to fill you in on.  It's all about Stella - but I want to be able to remember all of the amazing things she's doing right now.  She will be 17 months old in a few days and Kyle and I think she's super advanced for her age...but we're not biased or anything. ;)  Here's just a few things our "genius" is doing...

  • She can say her name - it comes out more like "Lella" but hey, it's close.  When you ask her what her last name is she says "Dardo".  Again, pretty close.
  • If you ask her how to spell her first name she immediately says "S" (in a proud, loud voice!!) and even gets the "T" next.  She will recite each letter when prompted after that.
  • When someone sneezes she politely says "Besschew" - a true southern sweetheart!
  • When you ask her where is her nose she points to her nose.  She also knows her head, hair, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, belly, legs, feet and toes are too!  Pretty impressive huh?!
  • She knows the sounds of the following animals - cow, horse (ba-da-dun know, like it's galloping!!), duck, frog, chicken, owl, lizard (she sticks her tongue in and out - LOL), lion, cat, dog, sheep, pig, monkey and fish.  What like a fish doesn't make a sound?!  Of course it does...."swimmy swimmy swimmy"...all while moving your hand in a "fish-motion"! ;)
  • When we move all of the furniture out of the room to vacuum, Stella loves to "run" as fast as she can across the rug.  Her "fast running" consists of her walking super fast while leaning her head forward to make her feel like she's going faster.  TOO cute!!
  • She's reciting lots of words when she hears someone talk.  The one that amazed us the most was calculator...yep, she said CALCULATOR!!  Genius, I tell ya!
  • She loves to climb up and down the stairs (w/ some assistance).
  • She loves playing hide and seek and mainly goes in our guest room where we keep her rocking chair (given to her by her great Aunt Lynn!).  She sits quietly in the chair (or sometimes her room) until we walk in and find her.  Then she squeals w/ delight!  
  • She LOVES our pup, Bella.  Any time we come home, we always get so excited b/c Bella greets us at the door w/ lots of licks and we always say "BELLA!!!"  So Stella has caught on to the DiEduardo "ritual" and greets Bella the same way...often times getting on the floor and kissing her right back. 
  • Bedtime routine - bath, pajama time, a few sips of milk while we read several of her favorite books (she picks them out each night and brings them to me).  Then she takes her sippy cup in the kitchen, gives Daddy goodnight kisses, we walk to the bathroom to brush her teeth, we say our prayers (which she always responds "amen" after I finish the prayer w/ "amen" - precious!), I sing a few songs and then she goes to sleep.  She loves to have her Mr. Lamby to cuddle with while she sleeps. 
At this rate she'll be at Harvard by the time she's 12.  Okay, so maybe we are a lil biased but we are truly in love and amazed by everything she does.  What a joy our sweet daughter is and we are enjoying every second watching her learn and grow.

Here are a few pics of the princess from the past couple of weeks.
 Always pulling off her socks
 She loves cooking in her new kitchen...w/ her new outfit!  Thanks Great! :)
 A true Italian girl - loves her pasta!
 Got on her UGGS just like mommy.
Pretty as a picture

 Sweet kisses 
 Loves "hats"
 Loves Tuesdays w/ Mimi!
This was my Strawberry Shortcake doll when I was a little girl.  Mimi brought it up a few weeks ago and Stella loves it!
We have to look our best at all times - you never know who you'll see when you're out and about! ;)  I enjoy working part-time but I have to say "Mommy & Stella Days" are definitely my favorite.  We always have a fun time!