Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Three reasons why Stella's DEFINITELY a girlie girl...

#1 - She FINALLY let me paint her toenails and you have NO idea how happy this made me.  I've always wanted to paint them but she's very sensitive to people touching her feet.  Her feet are very ticklish and she doesn't even like for you to clip her toenails.  So today while she was napping, I painted mine, and when she woke up from her nap she looked at my toenails and said "HA TOENAILS!"  (BTW, she always says "ha toenails" and we have no clue why she says that but today I kinda thought she said "HOT TOENAILS" b/c she liked them. lol) Anywho, I could sense her excitement so I decided to ask her if I could paint hers and SHE LET ME!!!
Seriously how cute are those lil piggies?!  I could just eat them up!!  

#2 - Lately Stella's been quite the lil gymnast.  While Kyle and I are getting ready in the mornings we'll often walk in the living room and find her "performing". 
She does this frontwards and backwards, too.  Yep, she's gonna be a gymnast - and a good one at that. ;)

#3 - Today while I was doing laundry, I heard Stella talking.  I knew exactly what she was doing...talking on her phone.  So I quickly ran and grabbed the video camera but she got a little shy when she saw me.  However, you can definitely tell what a little diva we have....carrying her pocketbook while talking on her cellphone.  LOL

Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Regional in Hilton Head

** overload!**

Last week we headed to Hilton Head for the EJ Summer Regional and boy did we have fun.  My aunt, Stella's "Great", lives in Hilton Head so we were excited to see her and spend time w/ her as we hadn't seen her since Christmas!

Kyle had meetings immediately when we arrived on Thursday, so Stella and I hit the pool.  
 After soaking up the sun, we got ready and met Daddy for dinner.  
 Kyle's "initiation" at the conference was to play the "Air Guitar".  While his was just average, some of the other "new guys" enjoyed themselves and definitely put on a show.
 Friday, Stella and I went shopping while Daddy was in "class" and then we met "Great" for lunch.
 Friday night we had a yummy but frantic (we're realizing Stella may be getting into the "Terrible 2's" as she was NOT a good girl) dinner.  After dinner we headed to Shelter Cove to walk around a bit and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  I grew up climbing on Neptune's statue so it was neat to see Stella enjoying him as well.

 Shannon Tanner played and sang to the children.  Stella and Great enjoyed dancing to the music.
 I was SO thankful that my mom could join us for most of the weekend.  Stella sure does love her Mimi!
 Having fun w/ Mimi and Great!

 This sure is one loved little girl!
 Saturday, we beached it.  This was Stella's first time seeing the ocean this year and while she was hesitant at first, she loved it once she got used to it. 

 I love that lil tushie!
 We built sandcastles but Stella liked to squish them faster than we could build them.  
 Stella loved spending time w/ her Great! 
 Stella said "OH NO!" every time she saw sand on her feet or hands.  She didn't like being "dirty". ha ha  Hopefully she'll grow to love the sand as we have another beach trip planned in September.
 Saturday night was the Awards Dinner for FA's and spouses.  Mimi and Great had a fun date night w/ Stella so Kyle and I were able to enjoy a nice evening recognizing all of the wonderful FA's who work for EJ.  
Kyle received an award from Area Leader, Matt, and I thought it was so nice that they recognized the spouses as well.  It's definitely a family environment and we both LOVE the EJ for that reason.
Kyle and Jon, former Regional Leader pose w/ Kyle's trophy.  Kyle has definitely enjoyed his first year w/ EJ and we are both so blessed for the awesome opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful company.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Workin' 9 to 5

On May 23rd I began a new "career" as a Human Resource Assistant at a local company.  I walked in the door and was immediately greeted by smiles from everyone.  After talking with my supervisor during the first 15 minutes, in walks a coworker with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  And she said they were for ME! :)  My sweet aunt was so thoughtful enough to send these to me and let me tell you - it made my day!!  Thanks, Sandra! :)

This pic definitely doesn't do them justice b/c they were absolutely beautiful!  

I can't say enough wonderful things about my new job...I love the company, the owners are wonderful people who I've gotten to know throughout the years being involved in the community, my coworkers are so friendly and my boss is so cheerful and always full of compliments.  One of my BF's works there as well, so we've been able to have "lunch dates" and catch up a few times a week.

New job = one happy girl!!