Friday, December 9, 2011

Exciting News!

While we have known of our exciting news for several weeks, we're finally letting the cat out of the bag and announcing it to the world....

We're so blessed to announce that we are expecting another baby!!! 

When we first told Stella that she was going to have a brother or a sister she immediately said "No like it brother sister!"  Yikes!  That made me super nervous so I quickly changed my comment to her into a question..."Stella, do you want a brother or a sister?!"  Which she replied "Brother!!!"  I know she doesn't exactly know all that's going to happen when the baby arrives, however, I do know that she is a very loving child and will be super excited once we bring home her brother or sister.  Baby DiEduardo is scheduled to arrive June 20, 2012.  Kyle has a regional meeting in Hilton Head the weekend of June 14-16 so we'll just have to see how that works out.  We also have exciting things coming up in the next couple of months...our house is on the market (praying someone will fall in love w/ it and want to buy it in the next couple of months so we'll have time to get settled in our new home before the babe arrives.  But I'm leaving it all in God's hands!), we are going to Puerto Vallarta in March and we are going to see The Fresh Beat Band in April.  Lots going on in the DiEduardo household but we are super blessed and look forward to the exciting year ahead.

Thanksgiving - A Happy Heart

We had my my mom's side of the fam over for Thanksgiving.  We have hosting Thanksgiving at our house ever since my grandmother passed away in 2007.  It makes my heart happy to be able to carry on her recipes and see everyone enjoying the delicious food we've grown to love throughout the years.  It also makes my heart happy to see everyone commenting on how similar it tastes to the way Granma made it.  I know she would be proud and that makes my heart even happier!

My brother and my mom weren't able to join us this year.  My mom was w/ her hubby's fam in New York and my brother was w/ my dad's side of the fam.  We definitely missed them but enjoyed those who could make it.  Our family has grown over the past few years and now there are three kiddos running around, playing and giggling.  That made my heart happy and I knew that my Granma and Granddaddy were looking down smiling.  As I thought about what I was thankful for this year it was more blessings than I could count.  And my heart is full and happy!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba & Halloween

Okay so I'm just a little behind but I definitely needed to post about our exciting trip to see Yo Gabba Gabba.  While I don't think it was Stella's favorite "concert" she's ever been to, I think she enjoyed watching the characters perform live.  If the volume was turned down just a hair she probably would have enjoyed it more. But I must say she was definitely the "Belle of the Ball" in her cool Yo Stella Stella outfit.  She loved twirling in her fun pink tutu skirt and it was a fun family outing for our family.

Next up was Halloween and boy did we have fun!  We had a costume contest at my work and I definitely wanted to participate but didn't have anything creative to wear.  Until I saw a friend of mine in her costume and I quickly "borrowed" her idea.  Carmen Miranda and I ended up coming in 3rd place and scoring $25!  Saweet!
 But the most beautiful princess of all that day was definitely Snow White.  Stella loved prancing around in her special ball gown and saying "Trick or Treat" as neighbors handed her candy.  We only took her to a few houses but she had a blast.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fair Fun

We headed to Columbia a few weekends ago for a fun time at the fair w/ Granma and Papa.  We ate, and ate, and ATE, played lots of fun games (which mommy won ALL the prizes! ha ha) and enjoyed the scenery.  Check out our pics from our fun night at the fair.

Stella LOVED the rides.  That's the first thing she wanted to do when we got there and she asked to ride more and MORE!

Of course we had to check out the animals.  The lil ducks sliding down the slide were our favorite!
Someone is a lil spoiled and had to have a Dora balloon.  So of course Granma had to get it for her.
Papa had his hands full w/ Stella AND Dora!  lol
We had a blast and enjoyed spending the whole weekend w/ Granma and Papa!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What We've Been Up to Lately...

We've been super busy over the past couple of weeks...and we've got pics to prove it! ;)

We've been cheering on our Gamecocks!

 Enjoying Tuesdays w/ Mimi!
 Baking Halloween cookies!

 Enjoying a weekend at Cotton Hills Farm w/ Mr. Todd in town!
 Going through corn mazes with friends!
 Checking out the awesome animals on the farm...and "moo-ing" at all of them even though they're not all cows.  LOL
 Spending time w/ friends!

 And of course, doing what we do best, sucking our thumb and twirling our belly button.  LOL
 Stella has BEGGED for pony tails over the last few weeks which about shocked my socks off.  She hates having her hair done so I was surprised (and excited!!) that she let me put her hair in a pony tail!

Not sure if things will settle down in the upcoming weeks or not, but we're not complaining.  We've enjoyed our busy Fall.  We also have Halloween and Thanksgiving to look forward to.  So many wonderful things happening in the DiEduardo household!!  We are definitely blessed!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Stella's Fresh Beat Band Birthday Party

Stella eats, sleeps and breathes the Fresh Beat Band so it was only appropriate that she have a rockin', "Hip Hop & Pop", Fresh Beat Band themed birthday party.  Since there are no FBB decorations out there (and since I enjoy party planning so much!!) I had to pretty much make everything myself.  I started several months ago and enjoyed every second of it.  AND, seeing her face light up at her party when she saw everything made it ALL worth it!  The party was a huge success and fun was had by all.  Here are pics from the big day...
 Handmade banner
 FBB Party hats (these were printables from the Nick Jr. website) and tent cards (handmade)
 Hand-painted #2
 Yummy "cupcapes" (as Stella calls them) with FBB picks
Stella's awesome guitar cake made by a local lady (umm, she charged me $2 for this guitar cake - yep, you read it right, $2!!!)
 Shout's Sweet Fruit Treats
Marina's Macaroni Salad 
 Hip Hop & Pop Pretzels and Dip
 Twists Terrific Turkey Sandwiches and Kiki's Kickin' Chicken Nuggets
VIP Passes and microphones for the guests
Goodie bags for the kiddos that had candy, sunglasses, bubbles, clappers and flutes in them.
Sippy cups and punch for the kiddos
Of course we had to have a bounce house! ;)

Everyone loved the bounce house - even mommy and YaYa!  lol
Stella was surrounded by wonderful friends and family.  This is one loved little girl!

And of course, what Fresh Beat Band party would be complete w/out the FBB themselves!?!  We had to make sure Shout, Twist, Kiki and Marina were invited to the party too.  And boy was Stella SO excited to see them!!