Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Get Together w/ the Fam

Our Christmas Day ended at my Aunt Joan's house.  We were so excited to see Granny & Granddaddy (my dad's parents - Stella's only living great grandparents) and the rest of the fam.  My cousin recently had a baby whom we had not met yet so I couldn't wait to hold sweet lil Kyler.  Stella loved watching my cousin's little girl, Reese, play and open presents.  She thought she hung the moon.  And let me just tell you these two girls are like peas in a pod....very similar and so girlie and prissy!

Family photo ops!

Granny shared a Christmas story that she used to tell us when we were young.  It was about "two children - a little girl and boy.  The little girl was awful good, she was her mother's joy!  The little boy was awful bad!" So, growing up I would LOVE to hear this story b/c I would always tease my brother and tell him the story was like our lives how the little girl (ie, me!) was always good and the little boy (ie, him!) was always bad!  LOL It was all in good fun. ;)
Watching Stella listen so sweetly to Granny tell the Christmas story made my Christmas!  It was truly the perfect ending to the perfect Christmas Day.  We were able to be w/ all of my family members and it made my day.  I know Stella won't be able to remember this Christmas, but hopefully she'll look back at these pics and see all the wonderful memories we made on this day.

Christmas w/ the McMichael Clan

After Christmas at my dad's we went to celebrate Christmas w/ my mom's side of the fam.  This was also during Stella's normal "nap time" however there was no time for napping.  She was definitely a trooper and enjoyed every second of being at her Mimi's.

Mimi & Steve loved their personalized frame too!

My aunt's (Stella's "Great") birthday is December 25th so we always get to celebrate w/ her on her special day.  And we always have yummy birthday cake too!  
Once again, we're so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful family members.  Even though we were there for a short amount of time, we always enjoy seeing everyone and being together.  

Christmas w/ Grandma & Papa

After opening gifts from Santa on Christmas morning, we quickly loaded the car and headed to Grandma & Papa Stromans.  Growing up my dad always loved cooking breakfast for us on Christmas morning so that's a tradition we've tried to keep.  We arrived and had a delicious breakfast and as soon as we were done we let the Princess start opening her presents.  Boy is she a spoiled lil girl!  She got another rocking horse, a cookie monster doll, a prayer bear and lots of other clothes and goodies!

 Then we handed out our gifts for my brother, dad and Joan to open.  I always love seeing people open gifts we give them and I hope they will enjoy them as much as I enjoy buying it for them.  

 Daddy loved his snuggie!  LOL
 We got all of Stella's grandparents personalized photo frames for Christmas.  Grandma & Papa loved theirs!

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration w/ my dad, Joan and John.  Again, we are truly blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing family members.


Christmas morning was so incredible!  I woke up first and peeked to see if Stella was awake.  She was still asleep so I waited patiently in bed.  Finally Kyle woke up and we started stirring around the house.  Then we heard chatter in Stella's room so he quickly went in to get her.  She knew exactly what Santa brought her and could say the, Dora, Kai-lan.  It was so sweet!

Bella opened her stocking and got some really cool goodies from Santa too.  Once we played w/ some of her toys, Kyle and I quickly opened our gifts from each other so we could get ready and head to Columbia to celebrate Christmas w/ both sides of my family.  We must have all been good in the D household b/c Santa was extra good to us this year!

Christmas Eve w/ the D's

Friday, we went to Kyle's parent's house to celebrate Christmas w/ them.  His Aunt Lynn was in town from Texas so it was nice to have her celebrating Christmas w/ us.  Of course we had super yummy food - so yummy that we couldn't even eat the scrumptious dinner they had planned.  {Thank goodness they invited us back over last night to enjoy it - beef tenderloin stuffed w/ lobster!  Delicious wasn't even the word - I had to refrain from licking my plate!  LOL} Stella shared a yummy treat w/ her daddy - a pizzelle cookie, homemade by Pop Pop.  

After snacking for a little while we let Stella open some presents.  She got a cool turtle that she can ride and it plays music too so she was in heaven! 

She also got some really cool books, clothes and shoes. 

After Stella opened her presents we ate some more {see why we didn't get to eat our yummy dinner!} and then the adults opened stockings and presents.  

I must say that while I'm so grateful for all the gifts I received, it was completely different this year to see Stella so excited about opening her gifts.  Christmas was so much more special this year.  It's truly magical to see Christmas through the eyes of a child - especially your own.  We're truly blessed beyond words and our Christmas w/ the D's was perfect!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Brunch w/ Santa

Last Sunday, the D's invited us to go to brunch at the Country Club.  This particular Sunday, Santa was in town and at the club, so we were super excited to join them.  Stella was precious in her Santa dress that Grandma D gave her so I tried to get some good pics before we left the house.  Needless to say, this girl is on the move and doesn't stand still for long.
We decorated the top 2/3 of our tree because tiny little hands couldn't stop touching the ornaments.  I put this {unbreakable} Santa ornament w/in her reach and it's just precious hearing her say "ho ho ho!"  
I think if Stella could talk in complete sentences she's saying in this pic...."I'm ready to see SANTA!"
Simply precious!
We finally arrived at the club, had lunch and then....Santa walked in the ballroom and Stella was SO excited!  She kept saying "ho ho ho" over and over again.  She smiled and grinned and was in awe as he made his way to our table.
Have I mentioned how in love I am w/ this lil girl??  I could eat her w/ a spoon!
Stella loves her Grandma and Pop Pop D!
It was finally time to go see Santa.  We waited in a short little line and Stella kept looking at him and saying "ho ho ho" however when it was time to sit on his lap and tell him what she wanted for Christmas...this happened....
She is NOT a fan of the big guy in red this year. :( After we left the room she was back to saying "ho ho ho" in her cheerful voice.  Maybe once she sees what Santa brings her for Christmas this year, she'll love him next year! ;)