Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas w/ Grandma & Papa

After opening gifts from Santa on Christmas morning, we quickly loaded the car and headed to Grandma & Papa Stromans.  Growing up my dad always loved cooking breakfast for us on Christmas morning so that's a tradition we've tried to keep.  We arrived and had a delicious breakfast and as soon as we were done we let the Princess start opening her presents.  Boy is she a spoiled lil girl!  She got another rocking horse, a cookie monster doll, a prayer bear and lots of other clothes and goodies!

 Then we handed out our gifts for my brother, dad and Joan to open.  I always love seeing people open gifts we give them and I hope they will enjoy them as much as I enjoy buying it for them.  

 Daddy loved his snuggie!  LOL
 We got all of Stella's grandparents personalized photo frames for Christmas.  Grandma & Papa loved theirs!

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration w/ my dad, Joan and John.  Again, we are truly blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing family members.

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