Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Saturday Shower in Columbia

My cousins, Julie and Janea, and my Aunt Joan hosted a shower for me and SLD on Saturday, August 22nd in Columbia. It was so nice to be surrounded by so many friends and family - many from the church I grew up in Columbia.

My cousins and aunt know me oh so well and had a crown for me to wear that said "New Mom To Be"! Once a princess - always a princess - too cute!

The food was scrumptious and the cake was so adorable with SLD's intials.

This was my last shower and once again I was amazed by the support, love and showering of gifts - SLD is one lucky girl and so am I!

Many thanks to my mom for coming to all of my showers and supporting me during this exciting time! I think she might even be a little more excited than I am if that's at all possible! LOL

Soon, SLD will join these cute lil girls, Jaida and Reese, and be another princess in the family! :)

My Aunt Sandra and cousin, Ashley, came up for the weekend to share this special occasion with me. Loved having ya'll stay with me!

I am so blessed to have my Granny here sharing this special time with me. She is so excited and will be a wonderful great-grandmother to SLD!

Thank you to my awesome cousins and Aunt Joan for hosting this shower for me and SLD! Everything was so nice and I'm truly thankful!

Library Shower at Work

Thursday, August 20th, my wonderful coworkers hosted a Nursery Library Shower for me and SLD! I had never heard of this before but it was such a unique and fun idea so I was super excited about it. And boy does SLD have a LIBRARY full of books now! We got so many great books for all ages and I can't wait to read these to her when she arrives.

Check out the beautiful cake - in our "signature" colors of course, pink and green!

Many thanks to my Development Department girls for throwing such a wonderful shower for us and many thanks to all of my coworkers for showering us with your friendship and support.

3 Years and Sunday Shower

I'm so far behind so I apologize yet again for not posting in a while. A lot has happened over the last couple of weeks so I hope to include everything to catch everyone up on what the D's have been up to.

On Wednesday, August 12th, Kyle and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! My how time has flown! Seems like it was just yesterday we were planning the wedding - deciding what flowers to choose and what band we liked best. Now, we are planning what bottles to choose and what diaper bag we want. We are so blessed to have spent three wonderful years together but are eager to expand our family and share our love with our precious daughter.

Sunday, August 16th, Wendy & Nano's sweet neighbor, Kim, hosted a sweet Sunday Shower for us and for Kyle's mom's friends and family. Everything was SO nice and the food was delish! Check out the cake and watermelon baby carriage - so precious!!

There were photos of Kyle and me from when we were babies - so cute!

It was such a special day and some of Kyle's family came in town for the special occasion. Aunt Lynn flew in from Texas and Uncle Bob and Aunt Carol drove down from New York. They must love this little girl-to-be as much as we do! :) Many thanks again for coming to visit - it was great to see ya'll!
At the shower, we were literally "showered" with so many wonderful gifts.

How did we ever get so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing friends and family?!

Many thanks to everyone for all of your love and support and many thanks to Kim for hosting an amazing shower!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Nursery and Bump Update

Kyle and I have been hard at work in our sweet lil girl's nursery and we made some awesome additions over the last week and this past weekend.

Check out the flatscreen and precious shelves!! Only the best for our princess! ;)

We love the glider and nightstand and of course the ADORABLE, handmade lamp by a dear friend, Stacey of www.sweetaspeas.com.

The window is now complete with the new curtain rod and curtain. So sweet!

These are the handmade wall letters that I've been busy creating. I must say I LOVE how they turned out. Of course the "S" and the "A" are complete and we'll fill you in on the letters in between when the decision is made! :)

Also, tonight Kyle and I had "maternity" pics taken by a good friend and fellow Junior Welfare League member, Michelle. As soon as those are posted on her website, I'll be sure to share the link with family and friends...stay tuned!

After we got home, it was a MUST thatI take a "bump pic" so you can see how we've grown. I'm 34 weeks and SLD is growing every day.

Of course, I had to take a pic with both of my girls. Not too much longer and SLD will be here to take a real pic with me and Bella Boo. Can't wait!!!

Cookout with the Neighbors

Friday, Kyle and I hosted our awesome neighbors for a cookout. Everyone brought yummy additions to the menu - we had chicken and steak kabobs, rice, salad and Terri's famous peanut butter banana pudding. Everything was DELISH and it was so nice to get together.

After dinner, we played Mad Gab and OMG it was the funniest game ever! Of course, we played guys vs. girls and the girls were kickin' booty...

until the guys took control and WON! :( TWICE!

We are SO lucky and blessed to have such awesome neighbors who have really become a big part in our lives. We cherish their friendship more than anything and will be really bummed if/when we ever have to move.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have FUN!

I've been SO slack about posting to our blog so I apologize. I should be sitting on the couch, resting and updating our blog but lately Kyle and I have both been on the go, go, GO!! He's been traveling and busy recruiting and I've been busy at work with night meetings, Junior Welfare League meetings and hanging out with friends.

Last weekend, my mom, cousin, aunt and I had a Girls Weekend in Hilton Head. It was MUCH needed and SO much fun! Thursday, my mom, cousin and I hit the road and arrived at my aunt's house in Hilton Head that afternoon. While my mom and aunt went grocery shopping, my cousin and I decided to soak up the last few rays the sun had left of the day so we hit the pool. Check out the belly bump at 32 weeks!

Friday was our beach day and boy did we get "kissed by the sun!" It was SO relaxing and enjoyable and the weather was perfect. After our fun in the sun, we got all dolled up and went to dinner at one of our fave restaurants - San Miguels. But before we headed out - we had a photo shoot - such beach babes! :)

Saturday was spent laying out by the pool - actually taking dips in the pool because it was so HOT! Still relaxing and enjoyable, though! Then of course we had to fit in a lil shopping that afternoon. ;) We had a great time all weekend - enjoyed many laughs, enjoyed spending time with each other and of course enjoyed eating scrumptious food! Too bad we had to go home on Sunday - I could have stayed a week! Thanks, Sandra, for a wonderful weekend and for being such a great host! Can't wait for lil SLD to join us next year! :)