Monday, August 10, 2009

Nursery and Bump Update

Kyle and I have been hard at work in our sweet lil girl's nursery and we made some awesome additions over the last week and this past weekend.

Check out the flatscreen and precious shelves!! Only the best for our princess! ;)

We love the glider and nightstand and of course the ADORABLE, handmade lamp by a dear friend, Stacey of

The window is now complete with the new curtain rod and curtain. So sweet!

These are the handmade wall letters that I've been busy creating. I must say I LOVE how they turned out. Of course the "S" and the "A" are complete and we'll fill you in on the letters in between when the decision is made! :)

Also, tonight Kyle and I had "maternity" pics taken by a good friend and fellow Junior Welfare League member, Michelle. As soon as those are posted on her website, I'll be sure to share the link with family and friends...stay tuned!

After we got home, it was a MUST thatI take a "bump pic" so you can see how we've grown. I'm 34 weeks and SLD is growing every day.

Of course, I had to take a pic with both of my girls. Not too much longer and SLD will be here to take a real pic with me and Bella Boo. Can't wait!!!

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS CUTENESS! First off- how cute is your baby bump? you look great and def have a beautiful glow. I can't wait to see the maternity pics :) and the nursery looks AMAZING. I love the walls that Kyle did and the gorgeous decor. It is really special and SLD will definitley love it. The letters are presh and I can't wait to hear which letters you use to fill it in ;) I'm so excited for y'all! only a little over a month to go!!!!