Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Since Kyle was out of town for the weekend, Bella and I packed up the new "ride" and headed to Columbia to spend Father's Day with my dad. Saturday was spent relaxing and showing off the new "ride". Then Saturday night we met up with some old family friends at Zesto's - holy cow, how I have missed that place!! They have the BEST fried chicken and the best burgers so what's a pregnant woman to do but get both! haha After chowing down on a cheeseburger basket (fries and coleslaw included) and a piece of fried chicken we headed back home. Needless to say, I was pooped and hit the hay early.

Sunday Bella was "up and at 'em" at 6 AM!! And after a night of tossing and turning (I forgot my prego pillow) I was not a happy camper. However, I was a trooper and toughed it out. Joan made a yummy breakfast and then we headed off to church. My cousin's little girl (who was also our flowergirl in our wedding), Reese, was baptised this morning and it was so special to watch. She is really growing up into a sweet little girl and I'm so proud that she committed her life to Christ. The family celebrated by getting together for lunch at my cousins house and I had a great time seeing everyone.

Bella and I finally made it back to Rock Hill this afternoon and I'm NOT looking forward to Monday morning. I did have a wonderful weekend though and am truly blessed to have such a wonderful father in my life. He's such a special man and I can't wait for his granddaughter to meet him - boy will she be spoiled just like her mommy was! ;) I'm also blessed to have a sweet grandfather who is still alive and just as funny as a 25 year old. Another father in my life that I am blessed with is my awesome father-in-law. Nanner and I have a special bond and I'm truly lucky to have such a wonderful father-in-law (and mother-in-law, for that matter). And last but certainly not least is my sweet Kyle - what a sweet father he is to our Bella Boo and what an amazing father he is going to be to SLD! He has patience, sincerity and such a big, loving heart. I can't wait til our daughter arrives to see him "in action!" Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful fathers and fathers-to-be out there!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lots to Chat About

I'm 26 1/2 weeks into my pregnancy and it's so crazy to think I only have 13 1/2 more weeks to go before our sweet baby girl will be here. We finally took more belly bump pics and as you can tell, I've been busy growing. SLD kicks and moves in my belly all the time and it's so amazing to feel her - I call her my "Tiny Dancer". Every time Kyle tries to feel her move, however, she stops so daddy must calm her. Maybe he can get up with her in the middle of the night when she's crying then huh?! LOL

Of course I had to take a pic with both of my girls. Bella has been such a good girl and is so ready and excited to meet her little sister!

Other exciting news - while I was at home for lunch today, I got a phone call that our nursery furniture is in!! YAY! So, Kyle will be busy painting the nursery in the next few weeks to get it all ready. I will be sure to post pics as it progresses...stay tuned!

Tonight, Kyle and I visited the Modla's and were so thrilled to meet their new addition - baby Jake. He's absolutely adorable and Mary looks awesome! It's great to know that SLD will have so many wonderful friends to play with as she grows up.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pimp My Ride

After searching for about 6 months for a new car, Kyle and I finally found our "dream car"! On Saturday, June 13th, we purchased a new ride for mommy and SLD. We wanted something roomy, but not too huge, safe, but not a tank, and of course, nice, but within our price range. And we found it - a black GMC Envoy Denali, fully loaded w/ leather seats, sunroof, dvd player, you name it - only the best for our new lil princess, right?!...and her mommy (Kyle says)! :) Check it out!

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's A .....

On Tuesday, April 21st, Kyle and I learned the fate of what our future would be like with our new bundle of joy. Would it be snakes, snails and puppy dog tails or sugar and spice and everything nice!?! Either way we were completely content and happy knowing we would have a new addition to our family. As the ultrasound tech began showing images on the screen of our tiny but growing peanut, we got more and more anxious and excited! She measured all of Baby D's organs and body parts and then said "Okay, mama, what do you think it is?!" I quickly responded, "You want me to guess from THAT?!" I had no clue but I didn't see anything "sticking out" anywhere and then she blurted it out "IT'S A GIRL!!"

With tears of joy, excitement and delight I quickly turned to Kyle to see his expression. I wish I had thought to bring a camera to capture that expression because it was priceless. I could already tell that this sweet little girl already had her daddy wrapped around her tiny little finger! WOW - we both were SO excited to know that we will be the parents of a daughter! Now Kyle will be outnumbered with me, Bella and Baby GIRL D! haha

Immediately after leaving the doctor's office we began to tell the wonderful news! My brother was "in on the plan" for weeks on how we would surprise my mom with the news. I texted him as soon as we left the doctor's office and told him he was going to be an uncle to a little girl. John quickly picked up some pink flowers and pink balloons and surprised my mom at her Bible study class at church - and boy was she surprised!

Since my dad was out of town the only way we could share our excitement and great news was by telephone. After waking him up, he was thrilled to hear he was going to have a granddaughter to spoil!
Kyle and I then quickly ran to Harris Teeter to pick up some pink flowers and pink balloons to deliver to his parents. As we pulled up, Kyle's dad was waiting at the door with a very shocked expression. With tears of joy, they too were exicted to hear that a sweet little girl would be added to our family!
After telling our parents we began to tell all of our family and friends and everyone was just as excited as we were! LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!!!

Baby Bump Pics

I thought it would be neat to track my progress throughout the 40 weeks of my pregnancy. I started tracking the baby bump when I was 14 weeks along. A tiny bump has formed but boy, do I have more room to go - or grow!

14 weeks and counting

16 weeks with a tiny bump!

19 weeks

22 weeks - over halfway there!