Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Girls (& Uncle John) Weekend in Hilton Head

This past weekend, Stella, Mimi and I headed down to Hilton Head for our annual Girls Weekend in Hilton Head.  However, my brother joined us this time and I definitely think Stella enjoyed visiting w/ her Uncle John for the weekend.  Friday we hit up the beach to soak up some rays.  Stella loves the ocean but the sand...not so much.  She says "DIRTY" every time her feet touched the sand.  LOL  

Finally she got down from her chair and helped Mimi and Uncle John build sandcastles.  But as soon as they built them, she quickly tore them down.

She was such a big girl eating her lunch while taking in the views.  I, too, was soaking in this view!!  What a precious little girl she's growing up to be.

Stella and Mimi enjoyed coloring together one afternoon.  She loves to "draw" and is starting to learn her colors.  Such a smart girl!
Since it was a little cloudy on Saturday, we decided to do a little shopping and walk around Shelter Cove.  Once again, we had to take the infamous pics w/ Neptune.  

The sun finally came out Saturday afternoon so we headed to the pool after Stella's nap.  This girl loves to swim!
Of course while we were there - we ate, and ate, and ate!!  Sandra was quite the hostess cooking us yummy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And Stella enjoyed 2 plate-fulls one night!  LOL
We had a fun-filled, fabulous weekend and I hate it went by so quickly.  Many thanks to "Great" (as Stella calls her) for a wonderful weekend.  Love you!  I'll leave you with a few pics of the ham cheesing it up.  Wonder where she gets that from?! ;)

Monday, August 22, 2011

5 Year Anni Trip To...


Kyle surprised me for our 5 Year Anniversary w/ a trip to New York City.  It was a quick, but perfect, weekend getaway.  We arrived Friday, did a little shopping and then went for dinner and drinks at Thalia.
 Then we headed over to Gershwin Theater to see WICKED!  While I absolutely loved it, I can't say the same for the hubs.  I looked over and he was dozing during the first 15 minutes.  I enjoyed it though and I hope he enjoyed his expensive nap.  LOL
 Saturday we got up early and headed out shopping on 5th Avenue.  Not before seeing Samuel L. Jackson first though. ;)
 We found a yummy local pub down a side street for lunch.
 And the shopping continued after lunch.
 We ended our busy day by having dinner w/ our wonderful friends, Emily and Pankaj and Pankaj's brother.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stella Sayings

We've been on the go non-stop, but I didn't want to forget some of the funny and interesting things Stella's been saying...
  • When you ask her if she wants wants to use the potty, she quickly says "No like it!"  Or when you choose an outfit she doesn't like she quickly tells you "No like it!"  I've heard toddlers at this age have a tendency to say "no" often - I guess this is her take on the word "no".
  • She calls yogurt - weh-gets
  • When something is beautiful she says "weaful" (LOVE hearing her say this!)
  • When she wants you to hold her she says "Hold You Me!"  (ha ha I always ask her "Who is going to hold mommy?!")
  • Balloons are "MOONS" - She loves them!  Especially from Harris Teeter.
  • Mangos = Flamingos
I'm sure there are others but these are just a few off the top of my head.  I'll be sure to fill you in on more as I think of them.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mayonnaise, Mustard....CATCH-UP!!!

Well once again, it's been a long time since I've blogged so I thought I'd do a post to "catch you up" on what the busy DiEduardo's have been up to.

Kyle and I went to see Zac Brown Band w/ a group of friends.
We didn't do much for the 4th of July - just enjoyed hanging with the fam and watching Stella do her "4th of July" dance in her cute lil outfit.  She always keeps us entertained.  LOL
 We had a shower for my friend, Mels, who is expecting TWINS!  So all of our cute kiddos got to play together.  Wish we got together more often b/c fun was had by all!! 
Stella and I went to the zoo w/ Papa and had a blast!
 Stella even learned how to milk a cow!
 We've been to church and Stella has done SO much better in the nursery.  She actually enjoys going now and playing w/ her "fraaans" (ie, friends) and learning about "Jesus".  YAY!
Even though it has been 500 degrees outside, we've tried to be adventurous and have fun (but QUICK!) outings.  Stella loves the park!
 Stella let me put pigtails in her hair for the first time. YAY!  And of course we're always being silly together. 
 One word - PRECIOUS!!!
 Stella loves Tuesdays w/ Mimi!
 We recently had a play date w/ the Rocks at the Children's Museum.  The kids had such a great time.  And us moms had fun catching up too!
And last but certainly not least....


And she loves it!

WHEW!  Now you can see why I haven't been blogging lately.  We've been on the go 24/7 lately.  And August is no exception!!  Kyle and I leave Friday for New York for our 5 year anniversary.  Where has the time gone?!  So excited to spend some QT w/ the hubs!  Hopefully it won't be another month before I post again.  Stay tuned...