Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby Girl D #2 Update

So I realized I haven't really written about Baby #2 or posted any "bump" pics so I thought I'd give you a quick update on my progress.  I've been feeling great and growing quickly.   First photo - I'm about 16-18 weeks along
 This photo is at 21 weeks - over halfway there.
I'm currently at 25 weeks.  {I promise to take another "bump" pic soon!!}  It's crazy how fast this pregnancy is going by.  I guess when your life is as busy as ours it can't help but fly by.  I'm working part-time, being a mommy to a busy 2 year old, trying to be an attentive and supportive wife, chairing our Junior League's Celebration Party that is scheduled for April, oh and we have our house on the market.  Whew - I'm one tired mama!  With that being said, I've enjoyed every moment of this pregnancy.  I've tried to soak it all in even though the days are flying by faster than I can think.   And one thing that would make me super happy is if our house would sell w/in the next month or so - just in time to get a new house, create a beautiful nursery for this sweet baby before she arrives.  One can hope and pray, right?!  Thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated!

OH and I forgot a very important part of this post...we've decided on this sweet baby girl's name!!  However, we're not telling until she's born.  LOL  BUT, I can fill you in on her initials...BLD!  We are super excited that we were able to use family names again for our sweet daughter and we're falling more and more in love w/ her name every day.  I can't wait to share it w/ everyone on her birthday!  Only 3 short months to go!!

"The Greatest Show on Earth"

So this post is about a month late but I'm slowly catching up.  ha!

We decided Stella would enjoy this circus this year so we bought tickets and took our "first" train ride to the arena.
 At first Stella wasn't too sure about the train but as soon as we started moving she was in awe.

 She loved checking out all of the sites we passed - the cars rushing by, the trees and the people.
 We finally arrived at the arena!  Stella and daddy ventured off and quickly came back w/ a ring master hat and a huge thing of cotton candy.  Daddy's a sucker! ;)
 However, every penny spent was well worth it to see Stella enjoying the sites and sounds of her very first circus experience.  
 And of course, YaYa spoiled her and got her a souvenir.
 AND, Daddy got to keep the ring master hat so he was a happy camper too.  LOL

Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's a...

On Friday, January 20th, Kyle, Stella and I headed to my monthly doctor's appointment - except this time it wasn't just any check up.  It was to see whether Stella would have a brother or a sister.  Prior to this day if you asked Stella if she was having a brother or a sister she would always say brother.  However, on the way to the appointment she kept saying "No like it baby sister!!"  Was that a sign?!  {She really hates doctors offices so I think that's why she was saying it.}

We decided to do a special gender reveal party to share our exciting news w/ our closest friends and family.  This way everyone could find out together. We did very light appetizers and then those that could join us went out to Nakatos - my fave Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you.

 The proud soon-to-be BIG SISTER!
 I made a board that said "Girl OR Boy" and had our friends and family write their names on little girl dolls or boy dolls.  The majority of the crowd thought boy!
 All my sweet friends and their kiddos.  We make some cute babies! ;)
 Then, it was time to cut the cake!!
 I called our cupcake/cake lady and had her make a cake based on what we found out - either pink or blue.   


 We are once again so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends and family members!

 We're so thrilled that Stella's going to have a baby sister!  She may have had a hunch on our way to my appointment - who knows?!  Either way we're super excited and so blessed to have another beautiful, healthy baby girl coming into our family.