Friday, March 9, 2012

"The Greatest Show on Earth"

So this post is about a month late but I'm slowly catching up.  ha!

We decided Stella would enjoy this circus this year so we bought tickets and took our "first" train ride to the arena.
 At first Stella wasn't too sure about the train but as soon as we started moving she was in awe.

 She loved checking out all of the sites we passed - the cars rushing by, the trees and the people.
 We finally arrived at the arena!  Stella and daddy ventured off and quickly came back w/ a ring master hat and a huge thing of cotton candy.  Daddy's a sucker! ;)
 However, every penny spent was well worth it to see Stella enjoying the sites and sounds of her very first circus experience.  
 And of course, YaYa spoiled her and got her a souvenir.
 AND, Daddy got to keep the ring master hat so he was a happy camper too.  LOL

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