Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fun Weekend

It was a GORGEOUS weekend in Rock Vegas and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Friday, Stella and I kicked off our weekend by heading to Charlotte for a little retail therapy.  We shopped til we dropped but before heading home we had lunch in the food court.
 I can't believe how big she is in this picture!!  My little baby girl is growing up SO fast!

Stella refused her afternoon nap (because she fell asleep in the car on the way home from shopping and when we got home she was wide awake), so we decided to enjoy the warm weather.  We took a stroll (w/ Elmo included) around the block and got kissed by the sunshine.

Saturday wasn't as fabulous - we cleaned the house, went grocery shopping and ate at home.  It was bath night for Stella so after splishing and splashing she put on her new jammies and picked out her favorite books for bedtime stories.

After Stella went to bed, Kyle and I had a lil date night.  We rented the movie Social Network (I'm NOT a movie person so this was big for me!) and we both actually enjoyed it.

Sunday we got up and headed to church...all 3 of us again!  I wasn't as nervous to drop her off this time as I know we're doing the right thing.  We enjoyed a great service and the music, as always, was so moving.  We went back in to pick Stella up after church and she was SO happy to see us.  They said she did SO much better today and even played w/ the other children.  YAY!

We wrapped up the weekend by having a yummy dinner w/ the inlaws.  I'd say our weekend was definitely great!  Not looking forward to the week ahead but ready for another fun weekend w/ my fam!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Girl Can Talk

I guess it was something about turning 16 months old but ever since Saturday (her 16 month birthday ;)) Stella has been chatting, babbling and talking up a storm.  She began "reading" a piece of paper aloud the other day so we quickly grabbed the video camera because it was too cute.  And then...she started doing this...{make sure to mute my playlist and turn your volume up so you can hear her "talking"}
It was almost like she was in a trance in her own lil world or something.  It was truly hilarious and I'm glad we captured it on video.

And even though this is funny, she really is saying lots of words and LOVES to repeat things you say.  Also on her 16 month birthday I asked Stella "Can you say 'I love you'?" and she replied "wuv wou!"  OMG talk about melting my heart!!  Those were the sweetest, most precious words I've ever heard in my life.  She's so incredibly smart and we love watching her learn more and more new things every day.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy Week

We've had a super busy week this past week.  Last Sunday, we ALL went to church for the first time.  Kyle and I have gone several times since Stella was born but Kyle's parents have always watched her.  We've never left Stella alone w/ anyone other than my mother or Kyle's parents so taking her to church and leaving her in the nursery was a huge deal for me and for us.  However, after a lot of thinking and a lot of praying about it, I knew it was time.  Time for me to put my big girl panties on and trust God.  I knew that she would be okay and I knew that she would be in good hands. Sure enough she cried when we left but Kyle went back in (snuck back in, I guess I should say, so she wouldn't see him) and she wasn't crying and she was playing w/ the other children.  Whew, what a huge relief!  I know the more we go the easier it will be now.  And this will be such a wonderful thing for all of us!

Last Monday it snowed...A LOT!  It was so pretty to wake up to a beautiful, winter wonderland!  We had a yummy breakfast, bundled up in all of our layers and went outside to "play in the snow".  Check out our cute lil snow bunny!
 Here's Stella and Daddy playing in the street w/ our awesome neighbors.  Later Monday evening we all got together for a Mexican fiesta.  We are truly blessed to be friends and neighbors w/ these great people.  

Daddy's lil girls - Jeremy & Miriam and Kyle & Stella.  So sweet!
Kyle sure does love his girls!
The snow stuck around for a few days so we chilled in the house, played games, read books and by the end of day 3 in the house we were a lil stir crazy!  Thank goodness the snow began to melt and we could go back to our normal routine.

On Friday, I went away for a Girls Weekend w/ my MXB's.  This was a MAJOR milestone for me as this was the first time I've ever left Stella overnight.  However, I was finally comfortable and ready for a much needed, relaxing weekend w/ my girls.  I trust Kyle more than anyone else and I knew that he would take good care of Stella and that she would enjoy special alone time w/ her daddy.  Kyle sent me about 5 pics of Stella a day so I could see her sweet lil face.  Thank goodness for those pics!!  They made my day and it looked like she was having a great time so I didn't worry a single bit...and I had a blast w/ my girlfriends.  It was a fabulous weekend and on Sunday I was so ready to get home to my sweet lil family.

Whew - what an incredibly busy, but amazing week we've had!  Looking forward to another busy week and hopefully a less busy weekend.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011!

It sounds so weird to say 2011...seems like it was just 2001.  My how the years fly by!  We've had a fabulous start to the new year at the D household.  Friday night we got gussied up and went out to eat.  Stella was definitely the "belle of the ball" in her new dress that Ms. Patty gave her.

 We tried to get pics but Stella was not having it.  She's definitely "on the go" these days.  In fact she says "go go go" a LOT!  LOL

  We decided to eat Red Bowl.  Kyle and I were both craving Japanese but didn't want the hassle of driving far to get it, and Red Bowl is just as yummy, so we stayed local.  After dinner, Stella decided to entertain the other guests in the restaurant....they didn't seem to mind. ;)

Saturday, we decided (well, I guess I should say I decided b/c Kyle wasn't too keen on the first) to deep-clean the entire house after putting all the Christmas decorations away.  And when I say deep-clean...I mean DEEP-clean...scrubbing baseboards, cleaning out cabinets, etc.  I didn't think it would take all day but it did...and then it took most of Sunday as well.  However, our house probably hasn't been this clean since we moved in.  LOL Nah, but it's definitely been a while.  After we finished today, we decided to head to the mall to exchange some Christmas gifts that didn't fit.  Stella once again looked adorable in her outfit (when doesn't she?! :)) and stole the show when she decided she needed to "hold" my gift card.  I have a feeling her daddy might need 3 jobs to afford the two of us!  LOL
We've had a great start to 2011 and I know this is going to be another wonderful year for our family.  We are truly blessed in so many ways.

What a wonderful Bible verse to start off the new year...
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
~ Jeremiah 29:11