Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fun Weekend

It was a GORGEOUS weekend in Rock Vegas and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Friday, Stella and I kicked off our weekend by heading to Charlotte for a little retail therapy.  We shopped til we dropped but before heading home we had lunch in the food court.
 I can't believe how big she is in this picture!!  My little baby girl is growing up SO fast!

Stella refused her afternoon nap (because she fell asleep in the car on the way home from shopping and when we got home she was wide awake), so we decided to enjoy the warm weather.  We took a stroll (w/ Elmo included) around the block and got kissed by the sunshine.

Saturday wasn't as fabulous - we cleaned the house, went grocery shopping and ate at home.  It was bath night for Stella so after splishing and splashing she put on her new jammies and picked out her favorite books for bedtime stories.

After Stella went to bed, Kyle and I had a lil date night.  We rented the movie Social Network (I'm NOT a movie person so this was big for me!) and we both actually enjoyed it.

Sunday we got up and headed to church...all 3 of us again!  I wasn't as nervous to drop her off this time as I know we're doing the right thing.  We enjoyed a great service and the music, as always, was so moving.  We went back in to pick Stella up after church and she was SO happy to see us.  They said she did SO much better today and even played w/ the other children.  YAY!

We wrapped up the weekend by having a yummy dinner w/ the inlaws.  I'd say our weekend was definitely great!  Not looking forward to the week ahead but ready for another fun weekend w/ my fam!

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