Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Girl Can Talk

I guess it was something about turning 16 months old but ever since Saturday (her 16 month birthday ;)) Stella has been chatting, babbling and talking up a storm.  She began "reading" a piece of paper aloud the other day so we quickly grabbed the video camera because it was too cute.  And then...she started doing this...{make sure to mute my playlist and turn your volume up so you can hear her "talking"}
It was almost like she was in a trance in her own lil world or something.  It was truly hilarious and I'm glad we captured it on video.

And even though this is funny, she really is saying lots of words and LOVES to repeat things you say.  Also on her 16 month birthday I asked Stella "Can you say 'I love you'?" and she replied "wuv wou!"  OMG talk about melting my heart!!  Those were the sweetest, most precious words I've ever heard in my life.  She's so incredibly smart and we love watching her learn more and more new things every day.

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