Monday, June 8, 2009

It's A .....

On Tuesday, April 21st, Kyle and I learned the fate of what our future would be like with our new bundle of joy. Would it be snakes, snails and puppy dog tails or sugar and spice and everything nice!?! Either way we were completely content and happy knowing we would have a new addition to our family. As the ultrasound tech began showing images on the screen of our tiny but growing peanut, we got more and more anxious and excited! She measured all of Baby D's organs and body parts and then said "Okay, mama, what do you think it is?!" I quickly responded, "You want me to guess from THAT?!" I had no clue but I didn't see anything "sticking out" anywhere and then she blurted it out "IT'S A GIRL!!"

With tears of joy, excitement and delight I quickly turned to Kyle to see his expression. I wish I had thought to bring a camera to capture that expression because it was priceless. I could already tell that this sweet little girl already had her daddy wrapped around her tiny little finger! WOW - we both were SO excited to know that we will be the parents of a daughter! Now Kyle will be outnumbered with me, Bella and Baby GIRL D! haha

Immediately after leaving the doctor's office we began to tell the wonderful news! My brother was "in on the plan" for weeks on how we would surprise my mom with the news. I texted him as soon as we left the doctor's office and told him he was going to be an uncle to a little girl. John quickly picked up some pink flowers and pink balloons and surprised my mom at her Bible study class at church - and boy was she surprised!

Since my dad was out of town the only way we could share our excitement and great news was by telephone. After waking him up, he was thrilled to hear he was going to have a granddaughter to spoil!
Kyle and I then quickly ran to Harris Teeter to pick up some pink flowers and pink balloons to deliver to his parents. As we pulled up, Kyle's dad was waiting at the door with a very shocked expression. With tears of joy, they too were exicted to hear that a sweet little girl would be added to our family!
After telling our parents we began to tell all of our family and friends and everyone was just as excited as we were! LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!!!

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