Monday, August 10, 2009

Cookout with the Neighbors

Friday, Kyle and I hosted our awesome neighbors for a cookout. Everyone brought yummy additions to the menu - we had chicken and steak kabobs, rice, salad and Terri's famous peanut butter banana pudding. Everything was DELISH and it was so nice to get together.

After dinner, we played Mad Gab and OMG it was the funniest game ever! Of course, we played guys vs. girls and the girls were kickin' booty...

until the guys took control and WON! :( TWICE!

We are SO lucky and blessed to have such awesome neighbors who have really become a big part in our lives. We cherish their friendship more than anything and will be really bummed if/when we ever have to move.

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  1. Aww!!! We had a great time, too!!! We love our neighbor time!!! SLD doesn't know what she is getting herself into on this street!! : )