Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve w/ the D's

Friday, we went to Kyle's parent's house to celebrate Christmas w/ them.  His Aunt Lynn was in town from Texas so it was nice to have her celebrating Christmas w/ us.  Of course we had super yummy food - so yummy that we couldn't even eat the scrumptious dinner they had planned.  {Thank goodness they invited us back over last night to enjoy it - beef tenderloin stuffed w/ lobster!  Delicious wasn't even the word - I had to refrain from licking my plate!  LOL} Stella shared a yummy treat w/ her daddy - a pizzelle cookie, homemade by Pop Pop.  

After snacking for a little while we let Stella open some presents.  She got a cool turtle that she can ride and it plays music too so she was in heaven! 

She also got some really cool books, clothes and shoes. 

After Stella opened her presents we ate some more {see why we didn't get to eat our yummy dinner!} and then the adults opened stockings and presents.  

I must say that while I'm so grateful for all the gifts I received, it was completely different this year to see Stella so excited about opening her gifts.  Christmas was so much more special this year.  It's truly magical to see Christmas through the eyes of a child - especially your own.  We're truly blessed beyond words and our Christmas w/ the D's was perfect!

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