Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Get Together w/ the Fam

Our Christmas Day ended at my Aunt Joan's house.  We were so excited to see Granny & Granddaddy (my dad's parents - Stella's only living great grandparents) and the rest of the fam.  My cousin recently had a baby whom we had not met yet so I couldn't wait to hold sweet lil Kyler.  Stella loved watching my cousin's little girl, Reese, play and open presents.  She thought she hung the moon.  And let me just tell you these two girls are like peas in a pod....very similar and so girlie and prissy!

Family photo ops!

Granny shared a Christmas story that she used to tell us when we were young.  It was about "two children - a little girl and boy.  The little girl was awful good, she was her mother's joy!  The little boy was awful bad!" So, growing up I would LOVE to hear this story b/c I would always tease my brother and tell him the story was like our lives how the little girl (ie, me!) was always good and the little boy (ie, him!) was always bad!  LOL It was all in good fun. ;)
Watching Stella listen so sweetly to Granny tell the Christmas story made my Christmas!  It was truly the perfect ending to the perfect Christmas Day.  We were able to be w/ all of my family members and it made my day.  I know Stella won't be able to remember this Christmas, but hopefully she'll look back at these pics and see all the wonderful memories we made on this day.


  1. Wow. Your Christmas was like ours. By the time we got to Greenville later Christmas Day we were so tired. I think we've decided that we're cutting out Christmas Day travel next year. Let's see how the families deal with that... Oh well. Looks like Stella had a GREAT Christmas! :)

  2. Love the picture of Stella listening to her Granny's story. So sweet!