Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Christmas morning was so incredible!  I woke up first and peeked to see if Stella was awake.  She was still asleep so I waited patiently in bed.  Finally Kyle woke up and we started stirring around the house.  Then we heard chatter in Stella's room so he quickly went in to get her.  She knew exactly what Santa brought her and could say the, Dora, Kai-lan.  It was so sweet!

Bella opened her stocking and got some really cool goodies from Santa too.  Once we played w/ some of her toys, Kyle and I quickly opened our gifts from each other so we could get ready and head to Columbia to celebrate Christmas w/ both sides of my family.  We must have all been good in the D household b/c Santa was extra good to us this year!

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  1. How cute! Isn't Christmas so much more fun with a little one? It's like being young again yourself! Sadie was especially excited this year!