Monday, December 20, 2010

Brunch w/ Santa

Last Sunday, the D's invited us to go to brunch at the Country Club.  This particular Sunday, Santa was in town and at the club, so we were super excited to join them.  Stella was precious in her Santa dress that Grandma D gave her so I tried to get some good pics before we left the house.  Needless to say, this girl is on the move and doesn't stand still for long.
We decorated the top 2/3 of our tree because tiny little hands couldn't stop touching the ornaments.  I put this {unbreakable} Santa ornament w/in her reach and it's just precious hearing her say "ho ho ho!"  
I think if Stella could talk in complete sentences she's saying in this pic...."I'm ready to see SANTA!"
Simply precious!
We finally arrived at the club, had lunch and then....Santa walked in the ballroom and Stella was SO excited!  She kept saying "ho ho ho" over and over again.  She smiled and grinned and was in awe as he made his way to our table.
Have I mentioned how in love I am w/ this lil girl??  I could eat her w/ a spoon!
Stella loves her Grandma and Pop Pop D!
It was finally time to go see Santa.  We waited in a short little line and Stella kept looking at him and saying "ho ho ho" however when it was time to sit on his lap and tell him what she wanted for Christmas...this happened....
She is NOT a fan of the big guy in red this year. :( After we left the room she was back to saying "ho ho ho" in her cheerful voice.  Maybe once she sees what Santa brings her for Christmas this year, she'll love him next year! ;)

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