Friday, September 30, 2011

Stella's Fresh Beat Band Birthday Party

Stella eats, sleeps and breathes the Fresh Beat Band so it was only appropriate that she have a rockin', "Hip Hop & Pop", Fresh Beat Band themed birthday party.  Since there are no FBB decorations out there (and since I enjoy party planning so much!!) I had to pretty much make everything myself.  I started several months ago and enjoyed every second of it.  AND, seeing her face light up at her party when she saw everything made it ALL worth it!  The party was a huge success and fun was had by all.  Here are pics from the big day...
 Handmade banner
 FBB Party hats (these were printables from the Nick Jr. website) and tent cards (handmade)
 Hand-painted #2
 Yummy "cupcapes" (as Stella calls them) with FBB picks
Stella's awesome guitar cake made by a local lady (umm, she charged me $2 for this guitar cake - yep, you read it right, $2!!!)
 Shout's Sweet Fruit Treats
Marina's Macaroni Salad 
 Hip Hop & Pop Pretzels and Dip
 Twists Terrific Turkey Sandwiches and Kiki's Kickin' Chicken Nuggets
VIP Passes and microphones for the guests
Goodie bags for the kiddos that had candy, sunglasses, bubbles, clappers and flutes in them.
Sippy cups and punch for the kiddos
Of course we had to have a bounce house! ;)

Everyone loved the bounce house - even mommy and YaYa!  lol
Stella was surrounded by wonderful friends and family.  This is one loved little girl!

And of course, what Fresh Beat Band party would be complete w/out the FBB themselves!?!  We had to make sure Shout, Twist, Kiki and Marina were invited to the party too.  And boy was Stella SO excited to see them!!



  1. The party look like so much fun my daughter is also having a Fresh Beat Band themed party and I was wondering where did you get the life size cut outs?

  2. Thank you! I sent a photo of the FBB to a local print/sign store and had them enlarge them. Once they were complete I taped wooden dowels to the backs and drilled holes in a wooden base to make them stand. They weren't cheap but they were totally worth it and my daughter still loves to play w/ them everyday!

  3. where did you get her outfit? it's beautiful!

  4. Thank you! I ordered it on Facebook and honestly I can't remember which online store/boutique I got it from.

  5. Great ideas! Would you mind sharing the name of your local print store and FBB photos? I would love to order these for my grandson's 2nd birthday party!

    Thanks ~ Ali

  6. What did you use for inside the cups?

  7. Where did you get the cardboard cut-outs? Did you have a printer do them? Love!

  8. Hi!
    I am having a FBB party for my daughter in 3 weeks. I've been working on this project of cut out for a couple weeks. I have a company doing it for me but we can not find a picture with a resolution high enough. That's with a husband in the media who has access to these things. The only one was with instruments and that won't work. They asked me to message you to find out what picture you used. If you don't mind please let me know. Thank you! Amanda

  9. I purchased the cups from oriental trading company and created the liners on my computer. Print and cut them myself.
    As for the image of the FBB, I used one off google & the local print shop enlarged it for me. Not sure of the actual image tho. I'm sorry.

  10. Thank you! I found the one on google that I thought you used last night. My husband is with the print company. Surely they can do this :) thanks so much

  11. This is wonderful! Thank you! I'm planning a Fresh Beat Band birthday party for the end of this month for my 2-year-old (will be) daughter and I've been looking for some great ideas. Thanks for sharing!


  12. can anyone point me in the direction of an image that i can use for the cut-outs?

    thanks so much.

  13. This is wonderful!! Thanks for sharing your kickin' ideas with other FBB aficionados' moms!

  14. Hi mr.eduardo.I wanted to do a fresh beat band party for my daughter.I would like to know how you got the party hats from.i can't find them.i wanted to know do you custom make party supplies.if it's ok.the number. Is 1347-364-8968