Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Folly Beach Vaca

Warning - pic overload!!

Last week we went to Folly Beach w/ Kyle's parents and it was so nice and relaxing!  We had a house right on the beach and it was so convenient to be able to walk right out to the beach in the morning.  Or run back up to the house if you had to tinkle. ;)

Our vacation was wonderful and we did a lot of fun things...
We watched the Gamecocks win their first game!  Go Cocks!
Stella loved taking walks on the beach first thing in the morning...w/ her jammies on!  LOL
Stella and YaYa loved looking for shells.  We all found some great shells!
Daddy got a six pack! LOL
 We built fun sandcastles.
Played a lil leapfrog! 
 Smiled and giggled a lot...
...and I mean a LOT!  This little dah-ling makes everyone giggle. ;)
 We went to the SC Aquarium and Stella loved looking at all the fish.
 Of course we had a few giggles there too!
 And then Stella met these furry creatures - the otters.  They woke up when they saw Stella and started swimming all around and showing off for her.  Ace {the otter} and Stella immediately became BF's!

 We had a yummy {and windy} dinner at Bowen's Island Restaurant.

 We loved taking nightly walks on the beach.
Stella was "ESSITED"!!!
And of course we enjoyed every minute of the sunshine.  Stella said "We're ATTHA beach!" 100 times a day.  

We had dinner at a delicious restaurant, Blu, one night and then walked on the pier.  Stella loved posing for anyone and everyone that would look at her.  LOL

We took family pics on the beach in all matchy-matchy outfits.  I LOVE how these pics turned out!

And we enjoyed our last night at the beach by taking a walk - just the three of us!

We had a fabulous time and enjoyed our week-long vacation w/ our fam and YaYa and Pop Pop.  Can't believe summer is already coming to an end.  We sure have enjoyed it though!

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  1. LOVED every single picture!!! You weren't kidding the other night when you said that Stella smiled and posed just right for all of the pictures while y'all were on vacation! She was precious as always!! I think she looked a lot like your mom in several pictures. I know MiMi doesn't mind hearing that one bit! Looks like you all had a blast! :)