Sunday, January 29, 2012

Surprise 60th Birthday

For my aunt's 60th birthday, we decided to surprise her w/ a trip to the Capital One Bowl in Orlando.  And boy did we have F-U-N!!!  My mom and I traveled to my aunt's house on New Year's Eve and enjoyed a nice dinner just the three of us.  New Year's Day we got up and hit the road to Orlando.  We passed many "Gamecock cars" on the way down.  However, this truck was a little confused - it had Nebraska magnets and Gamecock magnets.
 After a LONG detour (we were following my uncle, enough said!!) we finally arrived at our condo!  YAY!
 We quickly changed and freshened up and headed to the pep rally!  So much fun to see all the Gamecock fans gather together to hoot and holler.

 The next day was game day and it turned out to be a GORGEOUS day!
 We arrived at our tailgate spot and quickly began setting up.
 My uncle doesn't mess around when it comes to tailgating.  We had banners - one even autographed by Alshon himself!!

 The guy that parked beside us brought his entire sound system and played every USC song known to man.  My aunt instantly made friends w/ this hilarious woman (who was more "fabulous" than Joan Rivers {lol}) and Sandstorm came on and they had a ball!  LOL

 We had awesome seats thanks to my uncle.  (See, he IS good for something! LOL JK!!!)

 And the Gamecocks pulled out yet another victory so it made our trip that much sweeter!!
Happy 60th Birthday, Sandra!  Hope your year is full of magical and wonderful memories!  Love you!

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