Sunday, September 26, 2010

Princess Stella's 1st Royal Birthday Celebration

On Wednesday, September 22nd our sweet lil peanut turned 1!  WOW - the year flew by, but what an amazing year it was!  Kyle came home Wednesday with Princess cupcakes to celebrate the our lil princesses birthday.  Boy were they delish!  Stella definitely enjoyed her first cupcake!

Saturday was the 1st ever Royal Celebration!  I have been preparing for this day for many, many months now and I couldn't wait for it to arrive!  I wanted to make the decor for the party myself instead of buying everything.  I love "arts and crafts time" so this was so much fun for me.  Check out the DiEduardo Castle - all ready for Princess Stella's guests.

Entry way to the DiEduardo Castle.
Birthday banner and photos of Stella from birth to 1 year.
Party favors - for the boys (Prince Charmings) and for the girls (Princesses).
More banners in the dining room.
Pom poms hanging from the ceiling.
Bathroom decor - "Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Who is the Fairest of them All?"
Cupcakes and Princess Peanut smash cake.

{I definitely couldn't have pulled all of this off w/out the help of my mom and my aunt, Sandra.  They came up Friday and helped prep, decorate, clean, cut sandwiches into princess crowns and SO much more.  Also thanks to my mother-in-law, Kyle's aunt, Lynn, my Aunt Joan and  my dad's wife, Joan who helped clean up after the party.  I had to give a HUGE shout out to all of these amazing women for helping me pull this party together!!  Thank you!!}

Princess Stella had many fellow princesses and prince charmings at her Royal Celebration.  
The Princess & King Daddy
 Opening her gifts and wearing her Princess Crown.  (It only lasted about 5 seconds - but it was cute while it lasted!)
Wow - look at all of these gifts!  
A) she has so many amazing friends and family - what a blessed girl! 
B) where are we gonna put all of this?!?  LOL
{BTW, can you see Bella trying to get in the pic too?! LOL}

Cake Time!

Loving her smash cake!
She also loved the bounce house too!

 Having fun in the bounce house!
Jumpin' w/ Jack and Christopher
We were surrounded by so many wonderful family and friends and all I can say is Stella is one loved and blessed little girl.  Many thanks to everyone who made this day special for our little peanut, princess, Stella Lou!

Ahhh, what a perfect ending to a perfect day!

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  1. Yay! I love, love, love it when you post things about your crafty projects! Beautiful!