Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rock Like a Princess

The other day Stella and I were shopping at Target for the necessities...formula, diapers, the occasional bargain on sale, etc....when I thought "ya know, Stella really hasn't gotten a 'new toy' in while, maybe I'll pick her up something fun and inexpensive!"  So I found this adorable little guitar that plays music and I thought - perfect b/c she loves music and likes to dance when she hears music.  Needless to say it was a hit!!  She's had the best time w/ this lil guitar and I've enjoyed dancing around and acting silly w/ her just to see this adorable face...

Stella has a shirt that says "Rock Like a Princess" so I thought it would only be appropriate to put her in that while she's playing her guitar.  What a rock star!!

I've had such a fun day w/ my girls today!  Bella went to the groomer and came back looking all pretty and we've had a fun day playing, relaxing and making memories!

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