Sunday, November 28, 2010

Give Thanks

For the past few years, since 2007 after my Grandma passed away, Kyle and I have hosted my mother's side of the family at our house.  My mom would come up the day before Thanksgiving and start helping me prep for the big meal.  This year, however, my mom went to New York to visit w/ her husband's family.  I totally understood but thought 'how in the world am I gonna do this on my own?!'  However, I put my big girl panties on Sunday and headed out to Harris Teeter to purchase all the ingredients and just knew that I could whip it all together...just like my Grandma used to do.  Tuesday evening Kyle and I cleaned the house and got things in order for the big 'prep day' on Wednesday.  He assured me that 'we'd get it done' so I went to bed eager and excited for Wednesday morning to get here.  However, when it did arrive, I was SO ready for it to be over!!  I woke up w/ a stomach bug - that lasted, and lasted, and lasted!  It was awful!!  I called my family to let them know what was going on and they all agreed that staying away would be best.  This made me so incredibly sad b/c my aunt had planned to spend the whole weekend w/ us and celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday again w/ Kyle's family.  When I talked w/ her Thursday though she had come down w/ the sniffles so I guess it just wasn't meant to be for us to get together this year.  That made me SO sad but it was out of our control - stupid sicknesses!

Stella sported her new "S" turkey shirt even though no one was around to see it.
Such a ham...I mean, turkey! 

Finally on Friday, I started feeling better enough to head to the inlaws to celebrate Thanksgiving w/ them and Patty.  I didn't get very many pics - only pics of Stella w/ her Grandma and Pop Pop D.

And one of Pop Pop showing Stella her surprise he worked hard on all day! ;)

Even w/ all of the sickness and yucky feelings I was still able to Give Thanks!!  There is so much that I am thankful for this year - God, my loving and caring husband, my sweet and beautiful daughter, my health (thank goodness that bug passed), my awesome family and the best friends a girl could ask for.  I thank God for all of these each and every day.  I'm truly blessed beyond words!! 

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