Monday, November 1, 2010

TrIcK -oR- TrEaT

Sunday we geared up for Halloween.  I told Kyle that I thought it would be fun if we both dressed up too, but he wasn't interested.  However, I definitely think he wanted to participate in some way....
LOL He definitely played a little "trick" on Stella.  She was not excited about her daddy's new teef!  Ew!
She hasn't been feeling well the past couple of days - she's had the whole runny nose, sniffles and sneezes - so when I saw this smile I was glad to see she was feeling a little better.
We went for a ride down the street to show off her costume - a precious, headless poodle.  {She was NOT interested in putting the headpiece on so we just went w/ it!}
Our sweet neighbors, Terri & Tyler {sometimes known as Timmy ;)} had a special "treat" for Stella...a precious pink pig puppet.  {Try saying that 5 times fast!}  They are the sweetest neighbors and friends ever and are so thoughtful to have a special treat for Stella b/c she's not into the candy stage yet.
After making our way up and down the street to show off our new lil pet, poodle, we headed to Grandma & Grandpa D's.  Grandpa finally got Stella to put her precious lil "head" on at least long enough to get a quick pic.  
My two precious pups had a great time at the D's!

We tried to get another pic of the poodle but she was JUST not having it.
So after about 5 seconds, we took it off of her and changed her clothes.
She definitely enjoyed Halloween and watching the children trick or treat but I don't think she enjoyed the costume.  Maybe next year she'll be able to choose her own costume and she'll enjoy it more...maybe!

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  1. Awww!!!!! We think y'all are pretty awesome yourselves!!!!!! :) SO glad she likes the precious pink pig puppet!! And hope she is feeling better too!