Saturday, March 19, 2011

Can You Tell Me How to Get To...

...Sesame Street?!  Last weekend we decided to take Stella to see Sesame Street Live.  She loves watching Elmo on tv on occasion and she has TONS of Sesame Street books.  If you ask her to name the characters in the book, she can tell you ALL of them...Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, Cookie (Monster), Abby (Cadabby), Ernie & Bert, Snuff, Oscar and Zoe.  Sometimes she calls Zoe Abby instead but hey, she's a pretty smart little girl if she remembers all of their names except for one.  Anywho, we knew, well, we hoped! she would love seeing it live based on her love for her books...and she DID!!!  And duh, of course she had to have a special Elmo dress to wear!!
And of course daddy HAD to buy her a souvenir!
Snack time w/ Daddy before the show starts!

We had awesome seats!!

"If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!"

 She cried when a song would end b/c she thought it was over.  As soon as another character came back on stage it was all smiles again!

I think Kyle and I enjoyed it as much as she did.  After the show we decided to continue the happiness and have lunch at...where else, but McDonalds!!  Happy Meals and Elmo = a FUN day for the DiEduardos!

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  1. What a fun family date! Sounds like a magical day with lots of good memories!