Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SLD in 3D

On Monday, Kyle and I had our next scheduled appointment to check on SLD and we also had a 3D ultrasound scheduled. We were so excited at the chance to see our sweet little princess again and couldn't wait to see her "in action". However, SLD had other plans! At first she was not cooperating - she must not take after her mommy b/c I love the camera and definitely love performing!! ha ha Finally after turning on my side we were able to see her and she finally started "dancing". We were truly amazed by her beauty and the ultrasound tech lady must have been too because she literally gave us over 50 pictures to take home with us, including a dvd. She kept mentioning how much she thought SLD looked like me - she said she had my nose, my lips, my eyes and my chin. I think Kyle started getting a little jealous so he asked to take a "look" at her ears. After laughing at us, the ultrasound tech zoomed in on lil SLD's ears and she doesn't appear to have her daddy's ears either! LOL Guess we'll have to see when she arrives who she really looks like. Either way, we know she will truly be beautiful and we can't wait to finally meet her in person. Not too much longer - only 8 weeks or so to go!! :)

Here's our sweet girl sleeping on her arm - she looks so peaceful! And did I mention, beautiful!? :)

Check out those lips and precious nose! Such a dollbaby!

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  1. she is beautiful and tell kyle she may have some of his features too... don't worry ;) Aunt Dunc can't wait to meet her!