Sunday, May 30, 2010

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Crackerjacks

On Friday, May 28th, Kyle coached his last game of college baseball.

What an amazing journey this has been...and a wild and crazy (but fun) ride to say the least! ;) When Kyle and I met in 2003, he had just moved to Rock Hill to begin coaching at Winthrop University. Baseball season begins in February and goes until the end of May (unless you're lucky enough to make it to the College World Series), then recruiting begins immediately after the season and usually goes until October/November. But don't think that's when they'd have "down time" because then "fall practice" starts. We're lucky to have the Christmas Holidays together. It's a constant job and you definitely have to love doing it...and Kyle certainly did! He quickly moved up the "coaching ladder" at WU and went from "Volunteer Assistant Coach" to "Assistant Coach" to "Pitching Coach". He really is a determined and hard worker and his hard work paid off. They sure will miss him after he's gone. Don't know if they'll know what to do w/out him to be honest. ;)

Baseball has been a part of our life since the day we met. We even had baseball accents in our wedding for goodness sakes. ;) I thought our whole lives would revolve around baseball and it has until something else came into our lives...
...our precious Stella Lou! She certainly has her daddy (and everyone else!!) wrapped around her little finger.

Kyle has decided to switch career paths and become a financial advisor with Edward Jones. This is an awesome opportunity for him and will allow him to use his talents and love for finances, stocks, etc. on a daily basis and make a living out of it. AND this will allow him to be home on the weekends and not have to travel! YAY! We're SO excited about this opportunity and I just know that Kyle will be very successful! He is so driven and so dedicated that I know nothing but success is in his future!

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  1. Yay for Kyle! This sounds like such a wonderful and exciting move for the DiEduardo Fam!!! We'll be thinking and praying for you guys during the transistion. I know that y'all will enjoy seeing each other more often.