Friday, May 14, 2010

The Past 8 Months

WOW - where do I begin?? SO much has happened in the last 8 months since our sweet Stella has joined our family. We have been super busy so I have not had time to blog but I've decided I want to start blogging again and if that means I have to stay up late to do it, then that's what I'll do. We'll see how long this lasts! ;) LOL

Anywho, this post will be just an update so no pics but lots to catch everyone up on...

Stella has been growing and enriching our lives every single day. She's seriously the happiest baby in the whole wide world and we are truly blessed to be her parents.

When Stella was 4 weeks old, she stopped breathing for what felt like an eternity, while I was feeding her. I had to give her "a breath" and then immediately called 911. After a long day in the ER, we headed to the Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte. The nurses and docs there were amazing and took such good care of us. After two days and no more "incidents" we were sent home. Prayer does work and God is truly amazing. I think him every day for wrapping our sweet Stella in his arms that day and for her being a healthy and happy baby.

We were asked to light the advent candle at our church in December. What a special moment to share as a family. Christmas is such a special time of year and to be able to participate in lighting the advent candle is definitely an honor.

On February 14th, Stella was baptized at our church, Westminster Presbyterian. What a very special day for many reasons...we were so excited to baptize our daughter in the church we were married in and symbolize our love for her and for God and that we will raise her in a Christian home and teach her all about God's amazing love for her and our family. This date is also special as my Grandma and Granddaddy McMichael were married on this day many years ago. Since Stella was named after my grandmother I thought it was super neat that her baptism fell on this date.

Stella has had MANY milestones already...she has rolled over from front to back and back to front, she's sitting up on her own now AND she has two bottom teeth! I still have yet to capture her pearly whites in a pic but I hope to do that soon. What a big, beautiful girl she's growing up to be. We are SO excited about watching her learn, grow and explore.

Baseball started in February causing Kyle to travel. Not sure Stella liked having her daddy gone these past few months but I think she'll be excited to know what lies ahead....

Kyle has officially resigned from coaching baseball...forever! Well, for now! He was recently hired by Edward Jones and will be a Financial Advisor beginning July 6th. How exciting! Stella and I are so proud and excited that Kyle will be home more. It will definitely be an awesome adjustment for our family and we'll finally be able to do things on the weekends with our friends and family, plan summer vacas and not live at the baseball field 24/7. While we have enjoyed being a part of the Winthrop Baseball family for the past 8 years, we're excited to watch the 2011 season from the stands. We will always be a part of the WU athletic family and baseball will ALWAYS be a part of our lives.

Since Stella's arrival, I have gone back to work part time and I LOVE IT!!! Of course I would love to be able to stay home with my sweet Stella Lou every day but at least I'm able to do it part time. It also allows me a chance to interact with adults and use my brain {or what little brain I have left :/}! LOL

Again, I'm going to do my best to update the blog as often as possible. If you haven't seen a post from me in a while, give me a lil nudge. ;)

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  1. YAY!!!!!!! You're back!!!! I was just thinking the other day that I needed to talk to you about getting back to your blog!! (I just started back again myself not too long ago!!)
    We will be each other's accountability partner!!!