Saturday, May 22, 2010

Excellent Eight Months!

This weekend was super exciting and busy for us. Sandra came in town to watch a Winthrop Baseball game - and to see her favorite niece and great niece of course too! ;) Saturday my mom came up to join us at the game. This was Kyle's last regular season baseball game and we wanted to show our support and cheer on the Eagles. After battling for 9 innings the Eagles pulled out a WIN!!! Go Eagles!

Saturday was also Stella's 8 month birthday! Can you believe our sweet Stella is already 8 months old!?! Where does the time go?! I don't know but it really needs to s..l..o..w d..o..w..n!! She is such an amazing little girl and absolutely the apple of our eye! Watching her grow and learn new things every day is truly rewarding and incredibly awesome.

I've always said our lil princess is "Tiny but mighty" and her "motto" still applies to this day. She weighs 15 lbs. 10 oz. and is in the 10th percentile for girls her age. But don't let that fool you because she is sitting on her own now like such a big girl. She reaches for her toys while playing on the floor but she has yet to crawl. I have a feeling that might be coming soon - or either she'll completely skip that step and go straight to walking because she LOVES to stand in your lap. She's definitely fearless when she's in the comfort of your arms! She has two bottom teeth that are coming in at the same time - what a rock star!!!

Some of my favorite things about my 8 month old princess:
  • She is learning how to turn the light switch on and off - thanks to Mimi teaching her on Tuesdays
  • She is learning to wave "hey" and "bye" - thanks to Grandpa "D" teaching her on Mondays
  • She still rubs her head over and over and over while she's eating her bottle. Sometimes it looks like it hurts but I guess it must soothe her.
  • She still sucks both thumbs. Not at the same time but she switches to whichever one tastes good at the moment. Grandpa "D" named them "chocolate" and "vanilla".
  • Any time I sing "Hey Peanut" she lights up with the biggest grin. In fact, I could sing any song and do a silly dance and she always laughs at her silly mommy! It makes my day and makes my heart melt every time! :)
  • She reaches for her mommy and daddy {to hold her} now! I never thought I'd be so lucky and blessed to be the one a child reached for. This is truly amazing to me and shows me that Stella knows how much we love her. Our love overflows for her and we are blessed beyond words to have such a sweet, beautiful, smart daughter.
Here are a few pics from Saturday of our precious Stella...

Stella loves her sister, Bella. They're really starting to notice each other a lot more now and I have a feeling they're really going to love each other once Stella gets moving around the house on her own.

Before we headed to the ballpark, Stella took a quick lil nap. Is she not the most precious thing you've ever seen?! My goodness I could just kiss those lil cheeks right off. And see, sucking that thumb - simply precious!

Mimi and Stella were playing in Kyle's office while the Eagles were scorin' runs!

The D's after Kyle's last regular season Winthrop baseball game.

What a great weekend!!!

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