Sunday, September 27, 2009

She's Here!

Okay, okay - so it's taken me almost a month to post the exciting, wonderful news of the birth of our daughter but boy, I sure have been one busy mommy! I promise I will try and do a better job on updating the blog. Sorry for the delay but here's the details on her arrival.

YAY! Stella finally arrived!! On Monday, September 21st, I began to have contractions so Kyle and I started to time them. They were pretty consistent all day so we went for a few walks around the neighborhood hoping they would increase. After a long day and a long afternoon, I finally reached contractions that were 5 minutes apart so we decided to call the doctor. They called us back and told us to head to the hospital! How exciting to think our sweet lil girl was almost here! Little did we know we had a long way to go.

After we arrived at the hospital they checked me to see how far I had dilated and we got a very disappointing answer...only 2 cm! :( So after walking the halls for about an hour they checked me again...this time, another disappointing answer...only 3 cm! :( The midwife told us that we could probably head home and come back tomorrow b/c I "wasn't in labor!!" Um, are you kidding me?! If this wasn't labor then I was NOT looking forward at what was yet to come. But, after talking with the midwife and nurse we convinced them to let us stay. Thank goodness we did because I couldn't imagine having to go through labor (or according to the midwife - not really labor - whatever lady!!) on my own at home. The pain quickly progressed but I had the best coach ever!! Kyle was so patient, calming, encouraging and everything I could have ever wanted. Around 4:30 a.m. on September 22nd, they checked me again and I had progressed to 6 cm - all on my own w/ no epidural, mind you - and then finally I got the BEST thing ever invented - the epidural!! All of this was SO worth it in the end because at 4:18 p.m. on Tuesday, September 22nd, God blessed us with the most beautiful, precious, angel ever. Our little Stella Louise had finally arrived.
Now, I'm probably a little biased but when I say that I think she's the prettiest, most beautiful baby ever - I really believe it. Whether she's my child or not. She has the cutest nose, most precious lips and a head full of hair. Kyle and I are truly blessed!!

Thank you all for you wonderful support during this exciting time in our lives. It has been an amazing journey and we only look forward to what the future has in store for The DiEduardo's.

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