Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Girls & Guys Weekend

The weekend of my last shower, August 21-23, I surprised Kyle with a guys weekend for his 30th birthday. Todd, Adam and Ryan all flew from Boca Raton, FL, to Myrtle Beach to meet Kyle and play golf, go on a gambling cruise and just have some guy time! Here's a few pics from his weekend. Such a handsome group of guys!!

Every time I talked to Kyle that weekend he said, "Thank you SO much, babe, for doing this for me!" He had the best time and I'm so glad he was able to get away before our sweet lil girl arrives. Happy Early 30th Birthday, babe!

While Kyle was away, my mom, aunt, cousin and her little girl came to stay with me. We had the BEST time! Friday night it was just me, my mom and my aunt Sandra. We enjoyed a yummy meal together and chilled at the house. Saturday morning we got ready and headed to Columbia for my last shower. We took Bella to Columbia with us because my dad was going to watch her while we were at the shower. Bella loves to go for rides!

After the shower we all headed back to Rock Hill and enjoyed our time together. It was so nice to have a girls weekend and to see my cousin's little girl, Jaida, as we haven't seen her since Christmas. She was a ball of energy and we all had so much fun watching her play, talk and talk and talk!

She's SUCH a cutie!! I love this pic of her and my mom! Too cute! She had a GREAT time playing with Bella and if she said "Bella" once she said it a MILLION times!! LOL So precious!

Jaida also loved seeing the baby in my belly. Hope I don't scare you w/ the bare belly but it was too sweet not to post.

Next time we have a "Girls Weekend" our sweet lil SLD will be a part of the clan!! Can't wait!

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