Wednesday, July 28, 2010

JuRaSsiC PaRk!!

My FAV and my BF {her son, Christopher} came to stay w/ us this past weekend {and I'm a slacker and am just now blogging about it!} and oh boy, did we have fun!! I had heard about a place called Lazy 5 Ranch and I thought it would be a perfect outing for us to do while they were here.
The front gate said "Enter at Your Own Risk"!! Uh oh - what were we about to get into?!
Of course, Kelly and I had to wear our cutest outfits for the animals!! LOL
We thought since Stella loved the ostriches so much at the zoo that she'd love seeing the ostriches at the Lazy 5 Ranch up close and personal. And she did! She loved all of the animals!
They had over 750 animals at the ranch and you can purchase a bucket of "feed" and actually feed the animlas. It was wild but so neat! They came right up to our car and ate from the bucket - so cool!! However, when you see an animal like this - you don't necessarily want to stick your arm out and offer "feed" to it because your arm might actually be what he wants to eat instead!
Hence these signs they had throughout our journey!
Even though it was a little scary at times, we had the best time feeding the animals, laughing, screaming and giggling all the way around the 3.5 mile safari ride through the Lazy 5 Ranch!
After we got home, we went to Christopher's favorite restaurant, CHILI'S, and then headed home for some relaxation!

What a great weekend w/ my FAV and BF! Can't wait for them to visit again soon! Love ya'll!

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