Thursday, July 22, 2010

Terrific 10 Months

Can you believe our lil peanut is 10 months old!? Time is flying by but we're enjoying every second of our amazing journey with our princess Stella. She truly is amazing and growing and discovering new things every day.
She crawls and tries to stand up on anything that will stand still. We've had a few falls, bumps and bruises but I guess that's to be expected. She's a tough lil cookie though and gets right back up and keeps on going.

She loves waving "bye-bye" now and it's the only way I can walk out of the door to go to work on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Seeing her do that on those mornings seriously makes my heart melt and I smile the entire way to work...simply adorable!

We think she's finally said "ma ma" but she doesn't say it often - her fave words are still "da da". However, when I say "Say ma ma" she says "da da da da" so I'm wondering if in her mind da da = ma ma! LOL That's what I'm going to claim anyway! :)

She LOVES puffs and yogurt melts and can feed herself like a big girl. We have to watch now to make sure she doesn't shovel more than a couple in her mouth at a time. She gets so excited when she sees the container of puffs - it's too funny! We're starting to give her more "real" food and she seems to really like it. I guess 'cause she sees mommy and daddy devouring their food, she must think "I must be missin' out on something!" LOL

We've tried a sippy cup but she's not ready for it just yet. She is still in a love/hate relationship with her bottle. One day she drinks every bottle (5/day) and totals about 25 ounces/day and then the next day she'll skip one or two bottles and only have about 17 ounces/day. It's been super frustrating but she's growing and has more rolls than the Pillsbury Dough-boy so I'm not too concerned.
I'm just simply amazed and in awe of our precious lil peanut. What a true joy she is in our lives. Every day we smile and think about all that she's accomplished in her 10 months and it's so awesome. She's such a smart, happy and sweet little girl and we are truly blessed! Happy 10 Month Birthday Stella Lou!

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