Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lions, and Tigers, and Ostriches...OH MY!

Yesterday Kyle, Stella and I headed to Columbia for Stella's first trip to Riverbanks Zoo. Kyle and I were so excited and couldn't wait to see the expression on her face when she saw real animals moving around, eating and making noises.

Our first stop were the flamingos. She was definitely loving them but I could tell they weren't her favorite.

She loved looking at the big elephants stomp around!

I had my pic taken on this tortoise several years ago when I was a teenager so I thought it would be cute to have some pics of our family on it now.

Our next stop - the giraffes!

Stella has a stuffed animal giraffe {Jeffery, the giraffe} that she LOVES so we thought for sure the giraffes would be her favorite.

Nope, these weren't her favorite either.

"Daddy, what's that?! That animal is AWESOME!"

Yep, she loved the ostrich! She squealed with delight and laughed as she watched this crazy bird peck at the sticks and eat leaves. She giggled every time this big bird even MOVED!!

It was so funny to watch, but anything that makes my sweet girl smile and giggle, makes me happy!

Kyle loved these guys - YUCK!! Stella and I were NOT interested in viewing any of the reptiles. We loved the cute, furry creatures like these sweet monkeys! They were snuggling!

We had the BEST day at the zoo!

But of course, we had to stop by the gift shop on our way out. I wanted to see if they had any stuffed animal ostriches, since that was Stella's FAVE animal. And whatta ya know they had one....and she giggled and squealed with delight when she saw it!

Perfect ending to a perfect day at the zoo!

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