Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stella = Toddler?!

I've been getting weekly emails about "What Your Baby Is Doing/Going Through/Etc." since the day Stella was born.  Every Tuesday when I open my email there's a wonderful email that says "You're Baby is __ Weeks Old..."  Well, this Tuesday was a different said "What's Up w/ Your Toddler".  Hold on...TODDLER?!  I have a TODDLER?!  That can't be!!  My sweet baby girl was born just yesterday and now she's a toddler?!  Man, time really goes by too fast!  I guess it's true though because she's such a big girl and doing so many fun, new things every day.

Grandma & Grandpa Stroman gave Stella a "Castle Chateau" for her birthday and she is loving it!  It has a slide, swing and lots of gadgets she can play with.  The weather has been perfect for playing outside so she's enjoying getting to swing, slide and play like a big girl.

She also loves her car that mommy and daddy bought her for her birthday.

We love taking walks in the evenings so this car is perfect for our walks in the neighborhood.

A good friend of mine has a blog, Pot Luck With Jess, and she always has unique posts about rooms she would love to create...pretend rooms.  She created one for her son, Jackson, and she's also created one for her soon-to-be little girl, Eliza.  These "rooms" are adorable, precious and one-of-a-kind.  I've always told her "Make me a pretend room!" because she's so creative and has wonderful taste.  Well, this week, she did just that - she made a pretend "big girl room" for Stella.  Check it out here!  Isn't it awesome?!  I just love it and of course it's our fave colors, pink and green!!  Thanks, Jess, for creating such a beautiful big girl room for my toddler!

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